Astrology solar eclipse october 23

Now the universe is going to be pulling you into this energy over the next week - this is where the change will happen and it is supposed to happen in your life.

Opening time i feel. Notice that from today things will be different that change is going to change your life forever from this point everything has been leading up to this and all that follows will truly get you onto that right path…. Just go with the flow, do not fight it, it is supposed to happen follow where you're being pulled towards.

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Words to the wise do not allow your intellect to mess with you you have had plenty of that over the past month. Stay positive in your heart, do not allow the darkness to overcome you and push through into destiny by reinventing yourself and having courage to step into wherever the universe and the change is happening. Posted by askalittlewitch at Email This BlogThis!

Partial Solar eclipse 12222: Here is how it will affect you, according to your zodiac sign

Astrologer Shakirah Tabourn told Bustle, "For Leos, this solar eclipse is about releasing stuck patterning around work and routines, getting in tune with how lifestyle and habits inform mental and physical health. Scorpio, this is a good time to step back and have some time to yourself.

Stardust says, "You may choose to disconnect from the world for a moment, by turning off your phone and logging out of social media, only to allow yourself time to bring your energy back to yourself. Tabourn says, "For Aquarians, this eclipse is about restructuring the psyche and breaking down blocks centered around spiritual practices.

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Allow release and room for revelation and re-patterning, as opposed to giving in to escapism. To find out if your sign won't be as affected, keep reading: Taurus April 20 - May Leo July 23 - August Venus is the planet of relationships, all types, so you can expect more of those intense encounters for the next month. I always found it interesting that major elections are held in November with the Sun in Scorpio.

Perhaps it is with the hope that people would investigate and consider before voting. And as a reminder, Mercury is retrograde until the 25 th but the shadow week will carry it through the end of the month. Stick with current projects, give yourself extra time to find your keys and give everyone some slack, especially yourself.